The Systema GB II Seminar – 1 Day

$ 1,500.00

The Systema GB II Seminar – 1 Day

$ 1,500.00

June 1st/2nd 2019 – 13:00 to 19:00

Wan Chai Sports Federation
Moreton Terrace – Causeway Bay


This Seminar’s topics will help you be at the right place at the right time:


We review where we’ve been, where we are, what information has been retained over the last year, and most importantly, we assess where we are going:

Strike Growth

We continue with the previously reviewed strike work and explore strike diversification further:

  • How to optimize your strikes from any position
  • Striking to/from the ground

This strike work would not be complete without the development of  internal work which is crucial when delivering or receiving strikes.

We will also touch upon movement application in locks, strikes, and much, much more, as we set the foundations for the Systema GB 3, the final Systema GB series of 3 seminars to be held in Spring 2020.



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