Systema Hong Kong Shashka

$ 1,050.00 $ 750.00


Systema Hong Kong Shashka

$ 1,050.00 $ 750.00

The Shashka (Шашка) was first known as the “national weapon” of the Cossacks, Shashkas originated with the Caucasian tribes in what is today known as the Chechnya and Dagestan republics…

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A large number of Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks were resettled into this area by Imperial Russia and the Shashka became their prime weapon until eventually, it became identified directly to them and during the 19th century, regular versions were taken up by the Russian cavalry units.

Shashka use continued during Soviet times and cost many German officers their lifes and/or their heads.

Systema Hong Kong brings you this great looking stainless steel Shashka replica with a detailed pommel and guard. It comes with a synthetic brown leather-wrapped scabbard. Great for collectors

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